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In a society full of entertainers taking to social media with a “look at me” attitude, A.C. Jones is finding a great deal of success by expressing a genuine love and concern for their fans.  Whether she is performing solo in Nashville or at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, or with her band is on stage opening for acts such as Molly Hatchet or The Kentucky Headhunters, she has always maintained that she is in a special position to use music to touch lives.
    “I’ve always looked at the music as a way to serve our fans and not be served by them,” explains Amanda.  “I’ve always wanted to develop a sense of family that goes beyond music and the stage by serving our communities and the people in it.”
    Like many artists, Amanda had that one moment that defined the direction of what kind of artist and entertainer she would become.  For her, that moment came after the band opened for country music legacy artist, Marty Stuart.  She told the audience from the stage that the band would be available to meet with fans at its merchandise booth.  What happened next took the Canfield, Ohio-native by surprise. “I walked to the tent expecting to see only a few people waiting,” she recollects.  “There ended up being a line of people that went as far back as I was able to see.  And it gave me an amazing feeling, not because of any star complex, but more so because I was given the opportunity to talk to all of these wonderful people.  The sheer amount of human connection was amazing.”
        She has also joined forces to use her music to help a cause very dear to her heart: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  Their efforts come as the young daughter of band members, Nathan and Brittany, battles Type I Diabetes. Citing her niece as one of her heroes, A.C. says the band makes time to assist JDRF at several of its functions.  That help has ranged from putting together teams and raising money for JDRF’s annual walk to providing live entertainment at some of the organization’s functions.  In fact, the band is planning to take part in three different JDRF fundraisers in 2016.    
    A.C. Jones released her debut CD in December of 2015 (under the name Amanda Jones).  Entitled The Road Less Traveled, the CD features original music exploring themes of people having to make life-changing decisions, love, and more.  The CD’s release spawned radio and television appearances in major media markets such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland.  The Road Less Traveled is available for purchase on various digital distribution services, including Amazon and iTunes, and appears on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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