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2018 Battle of the Bands Ponderosa Lounge

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Robert Henry Wasman was born in Winter Park, FL on September 9th, 1992. The oldest son of four children, Robert enjoyed a loving Catholic family who fostered a sense of hard work and patriotism where everyone was expected to carry their own weight. At age four Robert entertained a crowd of over 100 people with his singing of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” during his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was evident to all that he was not shy and loved to sing! His family moved to Oregon when he was seven years old and it was in high school that Robert started playing guitar and found his true love of country music. He was often writing music and collaborating with his sister Anne to do harmony. His brother John is a classically trained music educator and has true perfect pitch. His other brother Thomas has his own radio show at Stetson University in Deland, FL. Robert is fueled by music steeped in American history, and its impact on the American story. He loves “the old Country Music,” and has claimed he wants to “save and preserve it,” not change it!  After high school, Robert went back to the Orlando area and started to play local venues as a solo act and became known as “Oregon Robert.”

After two years, he returned to Oregon to continue his singing and played small venues in Lake Oswego. His unique voice had fans encouraging him to go on “The Voice,” even some giving him money to make it happen. Because of his commitment to respect the music history and his passion to grow locally, he did not pursue that avenue. Robert spent the summer of 2015 in Yellowstone working as the cowboy singer for the Old West Cookout that departs from Roosevelt Lodge. Back in Oregon playing a show one night, he was discovered by his current drummer Stirlan Hulsey who introduced him to his Dusty Trail band. This group knew they had found their new lead singer and went to work! It became evident that the band would need to change its name to highlight Robert and his voice, so the Robert Henry Band was officially formed.

RHB was invited to compete in the Battle of the Bands at the Ponderosa Lounge this past spring. Voting in the preliminary rounds showed the Robert Henry Band had a strong following and fans were eager to hear the RHB “old country” sound. The group was the Battle of the Bands winner for 2018! The RHB has a combined 100 plus years of music experience. All of the members are home grown Oregonians and proud Pacific Northwest artists!

Robert is a student of traditional country music and the stories it tells. He loves God, his family and friends, and the military. Sundays are spent watching some good football, eating his mom’s cooking, and singing on the front porch with his brothers and sister.